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by    Monday, March 27th, 2017
  1. We don’t collect any personal information except the info required by cookies (analytics data, login sessions (if it’s your case), or anything related data).
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  3. You agree we may disclose your information to authorities if a court order is addressed to us in this purpose (to disclose informations about you). Anyway, the informations retained by this website are minimal (only what is necessary to keep the website functional).
  4. Some marketing agencies could retain some informations (usually via cookies), to deliver targeted ads to the visitors of this website (and other marketing purposes).
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  6. This website is using an WordPress affiliate theme, that import services published and exclusively managed and controlled by We don’t have any control over the services listed here. We’re using referrer links, automatically generated, that send visitors to to signup, login and order services from there ( We are not a member of in any way. For any problems related to services, buyers, sellers, infringement, etc, please contact via their customer support service. It’s useless to contact us for any problems related to the services listed here.
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