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-Only one (1) link per order please. In case there are more links only first (or link to your project) will be worked on. All orders are done in first 3 days


Do you need your campaign to be seen by a lot of people?! Well, I can make a miracle! I can provide you a lot of visitors on your campaign! Yes it is true that not everyone can be successful, but I and my team change your odds in favour of your success very much!

Hello, my name is Nemo (TornadoFast) and I have a lot of experience in crowdfunding promotion so I decided to help the others in their campaigns for a very affordable price most of you can afford. I offer BEST VALUE FOR MONEY so read my offer bellow.

What will you get if you hire me:

For just 7$, I will contribute $1 to your campaign if possible, and leave a nice positive personal comment. This can help you to raise the number of contributors and make your campaign more visible and therefore more attractive for contribution. I contribute if you apply with rules written for that bellow in section "FOR CONTRIBUTIONS".

For BASIC SERVICE of just $5 you are exposed to roughly 28.000+ (this number is growing every day) people for 5 days on twitter. You can send me customized twitter message that will be posted on those profiles.

For EXTRA SERVICES: (Extra services are bellow so just scroll down and tick them)

-Order my service extra if you want your campaign to be shared on my page with over 14.000 real people on largest social network with a post which ask for donations.

-I encourage you to purchase GOOGLE traffic as it guarantees to bring you visitors through google ads and if that number isn't honored I will RETURN you the money.
The reason for this is if I post your campaign on social networks people who might be interested in it may not be online and see it in time of posting it. Google traffic guarantees to bring them directly on your page. I offer various packages of google traffic ranging from 160 daily visitors to over 5000. Google traffic means targeted people with most similar interest like your project targeted audience is and is provided from google itself upon approval, and by me upon request in inbox.

-I will provide exposure on more social networks commercial profiles and pages means exposing your project various commercial activity like buy/sell pages, popular profiles/groups across largest social network, twitter and linkedin business networks in order to increase reach of your project even more. Guaranteed visitors.

-Snapchat shoutout is service on fastest growing new social network that grows every day and has over 200 million daily active users whose conversion rates to money are among highest in advertising world so having exposure here means drastic increase in potential for getting your project heard by large audiences. One time delivery.

-Blast your solo ads or email ads to big targeted list with more than 10 million people is amazing way of covering even more of potential market for your campaign, service or product.One time delivery.

-I will provide 500 HQ PR9-PR10 Social Signals Backlink Beginner Pack means:

-Basic 1320 Social Signals to help you boost awareness of your project even more and it means:
PACKAGE INCLUDES (1320 Social Signals):

175 Twitter ReTweets (PR-10
175 Twitter Likes (PR-10)
625 Website Likes (PR-9)
120 Comments (PR-9)?
50 Website Share (PR-9)
100 Pinterest Likes (PR-9)
50 Pinterest Pins (PR)

For Contributions:
We do not contribute to gofundme projects or any other similar website where minimum contribution exceeds $1 or when we are unable to donate due to certain limitations e.g. country of donation, etc.

in case your project does not get funded, so DO NOT order if you are not consent with it. This exposure is meant to bring it in front of people and raise awareness, but it is up to people to decide whether to support you or not.
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