20,000 Hitleap minutes for your account

20,000 Hitleap minutes for your account
Note: You must have premium Hitleap account(with minimum 5 Session Slots available till we fill your account with minutes) else we will send you only 70% minutes(i.e. 14,000 Minutes only).

What is HitLeap?

HitLeap is a free Traffic Exchange, delivering hits to any website, on-demand.
increase your website visitors, rankings and much more.

What are Minutes?
Minutes are used to deliver hits to your websites. When you have available minutes they will automatically be used to display your websites in the Traffic exchange.

You can use these 20,000 Hitleap minutes to make some traffic for your own sites or your client's site by exchanging traffic. This traffic will help your site to take on the top of Search Engines.

What I will deliver?
I will deliver to 20,000 Hitleap minutes by using Servers/Computers, you can use these minutes to get traffic for your website & your client's.

What you should have?
You must have a Hitleap account either regular or premium

Note: You can not cancel this order once we have started filling minutes to your account.
We reserve the right to refuse your offer if it does not deem fit with my ethics or beliefs.

Q: Can I use these minute myself?
Ans: Yes, You can use these minutes as you want. We just need your account access tille we fill after that we will let you know & then you can change your credentials.

Q: What if I do not have Premium Account & used your coupon code?
Ans: I this case we will give you only 70% minutes of this order(i.e. 14,000 Minutes only) Or you can cancel order before we start filling. After we have started filling, order can not be canceled as mentioned above.
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