Do you love your website? Do you want to make money from it? What is the purpose of your website? You create this only for investing your money? I know about your feeling. If you are online marketer then you will agree with me. Did you ever think or analyze how many backlinks are created your competitor? I think you are analyze 1-2 hours and take a decision to create website and investing a lot of. This process just spend your money you will not get a single profit from it. We are marketer and we always want to make a profitable website. I will help you to make money from your website or Niche site. I am also an affiliate marketer and I know how much afford you invest. Before making a profitable niche site you should first select a keyword that you can rank and bank. I will help you to research your keywords and that you can easily rank and make money from niche site or other.

Do you need TOP Quality In-content backlinks? Do you need some high Authority backlinks that really help you to get rank except PBNs.? If yes, Then you are right place, I am here to provide only High Links Authority backlinks. Read below how we create such quality content links that boost your rank.

Create Original Content
Our highly trained team of writers creates content for keywords based.
Build Authority Sites
We build mini authority websites(wordpress, tumble) that link to your own website using your keywords or necked URL. This helps increase your website search engine rankings.
Increase Rankings/Traffic
Within 2-6 weeks you should start to see an increase in your rankings as well as traffic to your website and links will added you will able to see them on webmaster.​

What are in this package- [Don't Buy befor read]

1. Keywords research-Buy Extra 1
2. Top 10 Competitor Analyze-Details report will send Buy Extra 2
3. In-Content Links building- Buy Extra-3
4. Analyze​ your website and send details report- Buy Extra-4

1. Keywords Research​
Most important part i will do for you. I will search a keywords for you for your Niche site and send your. This a really most important part befor building a niche site. If you are not serious in this part your Niche site will faild and you will not able to make a single money. I some paid tools to serach keywords and use some free tools to get best idea. eg- you want to build a Niche site where you want make $2K-$3K permonth. But you chose a keywords that serach volume is 500-700. Do you thinks you will able to make $2-$3k by this keywords? Never, you can make more then $100-$300 with that keywords. This will worthless when you chose such keywords. So, I will help you to chose a profitable keywords and give you details idea what you have to do for this keywords to rank first page. Buy exta 1 to discus more about keywords.

2.Top 10 Competitor Analyze​.

Hi, This is really an exceptional service in seoclerk. Before learning Digital marketing, I was only analyze TOP 3 competitor. But it was a wrong, when we think or take a decision that we will build website then you must analyze TOP 10 competitor. I will analyze TOP 10 competitor and send you all details that how can you beat your competitor. Also find out your competitor week zone and give you solution what you have to do. Actually, it depend on your experience to analyze a webpage. Rather, We use some tools and our experience. Buy extra 2 for more details.

3.In-Content Links building​.
If above think is OK. then it a great opportunity to build IN-content Links. You create a lot of backlinks but those are not index yet or they are not from a bendable name. Your website is smart but you don't create smart backlinks or create some low PR backlinks. Meta, you need only HIGH Authority backlinks to ranks your website. Low PR backlinks is not a single benefit for you. Check the below image how we create some bendable IN-content backlinks. This is not a web2.0 properties this looks like a mini website. We create many high Authority backlinks for those mini site and they will pass juice to your money site. Then Google trust your website and give you proper rank.

Case study-1-Best fishing knife

If you search with this keywords you will see a Niche site that I rank and this webmaster making $5-$7k/month. I use some tick to ranks this niche site. Never thinks with this service. If you need TOP rank then you can discus with me. But i don't accept any keywords under $250. it depend on your Keywords.

4. Analyze Your Website.
You can hire me to analyze your website and to do onpage factor. Only for CMS- WordPress. I will analyze your website and send your details report. I need user details for your website. Also Onpage for your main URL. NO inner page. It depend on your budget if you want to do more then ask me for my rate.

Don't order before read every part. This is a multiple service and you need to buy extra if you want to do individual task. Remember again- buy extra that service you want.
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